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9 Hot Tub Exercises: Arctic Spas Fall Fitness Guide

by | Oct 1, 2020

Fall may be upon us but there’s no reason to let the change in weather dampen our enthusiasm for exercise. With your hot tub, you can get a good workout all year-round, regardless of the season. Low impact water exercises are great for improving mobility and muscle tone, helping you stay fit through the cold winter months.

Please check with your doctor before trying any of these exercise routines. These routines can be adapted to suit your fitness level. Remember to take it easy and stop if you get light-headed or uncomfortable.

9 Exercises To Try In Your Hot Tub


Toe Pushes

This exercise targets your calf muscles. Begin by pushing your toes against the wall of your hot tub while seated. Hold the position for up to a minute and repeat 4-5 times, depending on your stamina.


Thigh Squeeze

Sit in your hot tub with your legs stretched out in front of you. Squeeze your thigh muscles, hold for a few seconds, and release. Repeat 5 times.


Bicycle Kicks

Work your abs and leg muscles with this fun exercise. While seated in your hot tub, spread your legs out in front of you. Holding on to the edge of your seat for support, lift up your legs, and cycle as if you’re riding an imaginary bike. Cycle for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat.


Rapid Arm Crossovers

Turn your palms to face downwards and stretch out both arms in front of you. You should be seated in your hot tub when doing this. Cross one arm over the other – starting with the right arm over the left and switch to have the left arm over the right in rapid movements. Do 3 sets, rest, and repeat.


Shoulder Rotations

Keep your shoulder joints flexible and improve your posture with rotations. Here’s how to do it: roll your shoulders forward and backward, while seated in your hot tub. Hold for a few seconds in between the forward and backward movements. Repeat 5 times.


Neck Roll

This exercise can help loosen tight neck muscles and reduce stress. Sit up straight in your hot tub and starting with your chin to your chest, roll your head in a circular motion. Go slowly and use your palms to support the back of your head if you need to.



Target your abs and your hips with this leg workout. Sit with your back resting against your hot tub seat and your legs stretched out. Lift up both legs together to create a wide V-shape at your hips. Bring your knees to your chest and then stretch your legs out again to the V position. Do 4-5 sets.


Arm Circles

Stretch your arm out the side holding it at a 90-degree angle to your body. Move it in circular motions, being careful not to bend your elbow. Do it 5 times for each arm. You can also use your dumbells if you want an extra challenge.



Hot tub yoga delivers a double dose of relaxation and stress relief. Stand in your hot tub with your legs a few inches apart. With both arms stretched out in front of you, turn to the right as far as you can go, using only the muscles of your upper body and not your hips. Hold for a few seconds, then turn to your left in the same way. Do up to 5 reps

Hot Tub exercises are effective because they are gentler and provide extra support for the joints and muscles due to the buoyancy of water. Let your hot tub help you stay fit and healthy this fall. Visit our website to learn more about other health benefits of a hot tub.