Shell Colors

Rich, Tonal Luxury

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Make Your Space Inspiring

The perfect spa shell for every aesthetic

Arctic Spas® is thrilled to offer a wide array of both textured and smooth acrylic shell colors, providing durability and style in every spa.





Textured Acrylic

Enjoy the cool tones of Kalahari, or the deep grays of Dakota. These unique shell colors feature a textured surface, providing an extra level of grip and traction to offer easy maneuvering in and out of your spa. Perfect for families or entertaining, these textured shells also flawlessly hide minor scrapes and scratches, allowing your hot tub to remain in pristine condition.

Arctic Spas Odyssey


Arctic Spas Espresso


Arctic Spas Platinum Swirl

Platinum Swirl

Smooth Acrylic

Unwind in luxuriously crafted spa shells, produced with smooth, sleek, and durable sheets of acrylic. Choose from a variety of glossy shades such as Odyssey’s slate grey and beige swirl, Espresso’s rich blend of caramels and browns, or Platinum Swirl’s delicate balance of crisp whites and charcoals. With a range of aesthetic choices, you can find the perfect shell to match your style and space.

Bio-Lok™ Bacteria Shield

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In addition to the excellent gloss and color retention of our shells, we also utilize Bio-Lok™ Microbe Shield technology to defend your hot tub against the growth of microorganisms. With its non-porous surface, Bio-Lock™ offers an impermeable surface, preventing bacteria from penetrating and building up within your spa’s shell.

Arctic Spas® hot tubs constructed with Bio-Lok™ are microbe resistant, easy-to-clean, durable, and pesticide free, providing all around care for you and your spa.